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TTI Ultimate Fiber Optic Sights Set for Glock


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Product Description

TTI Ultimate Fiber Optic Sights Set for GLOCK

When shipping a firearm in for Gunsmith work please send the package addressed, ATTN Firearm Coordinator.


-The TTI Ultimate Fiber Optic Sights for GLOCK were designed to the specifications of Taran Butler and Robert Vogel for the optimum sight picture and brightest fiber optic front sight possible.

-The fiber optic dot has been moved up to the very top of the front sight so the shooter doesn't get confused with shooting off the top of the dot or a big, thick blade sitting above it, which can cause the shooter to shoot either too high or too low.

-The fiber optic bar is NOT partially embedded into the floor of the sight, which means more light reaches a greater portion of the circumference of the rod.

-Our shiny, stainless steel screw reflects even more light right to the middle of the rod.

As an added bonus, the front sight is designed to also be compatible with the GLOCK factory screw in case it is dropped or lost at the time of installation.

-The front of the rear sight is angled to allow one-handed charging from your belt, pants, or any other object.

-The front sight is .235" tall and .115" wide for perfect point-of-impact with the GLOCK 17, 17L, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 34, and 35.

-The rear is .245" tall. The tighter .125" rear notch helps dramatically when shooting small steel and tight shots at a distance.

-Rear serrations cut down on glare. Both front and rear sights are billet stainless steel coated with Diamond Black Ion Bond (95 Rockwell hardness) for the highest level of rust resistance and the strongest finish.

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  1. Another Great Product!

    Posted by JTM on Jul 19th 2017

    These are well built sights. The quality is excellent, and I believe the design is simplistic and perfect. Keep it up TTI!!

  2. Great sights!

    Posted by Neale on Jul 1st 2017

    These sights are awesome! I am running them on my Glock 17L (Gen 3); much improved over the stock Glock sights. This is the pistol I use for 3-Gun competitions. Even with the taller sights it fits perfect in my Bladetech competition holster. Highly recommended!

  3. Great sights

    Posted by Lenin on Jun 9th 2017

    Love these sight. Easy to install. Delivery was super fast unlike other stores. The only thing that could improve the product is the tool for tightening the rear sight once installed. Other then that product is great. I would definitely recommend these sight to everyone.

  4. Yuuuuuuuuuuup

    Posted by Stan on May 31st 2017

    Fantastic for 62 yr old eyes, red fiber optic pops for me. Have had on my G34 for 2 yrs. This pair now sits on my G19. Combined with the "no noise" rear sight enables quick front sight acquisition over other fiber optic sight systems that I've used.

  5. Amazing!

    Posted by Kelli Shultz on May 9th 2017

    There's not even a question about it, the stock sight that comes with the Gen. 3, Glock 34 is terrible! Cheezy, white, plastic, crap. Upgrading the sight & putting on the fiber optics was a no brainer! Makes for a beautiful, clear, easy, sight to see your target. I love it! Thank you TTI! & all your awesome staff! ... John, Landon, Allison, Mikah...& all the rest too! ☺

  6. Sights

    Posted by Mike on May 2nd 2017

    Best sights I've ever purchased. Great product !

  7. TTI Sights for Glock 34

    Posted by Jonathan on Apr 12th 2017

    I love the height on the fiber optic rod in the front sight base. I had the sights installed and adjusted in about 20 minutes after unboxing them.

  8. TTI Fiber optic sight for Glock

    Posted by Eddie on Apr 3rd 2017

    Well made, excellent fit on my Glock 34. Would've rated 5 stars, however the fiber optic filament diameter was not as large as I would've like. Maybe it just my eyes? Good stuff by FIT!

  9. Excellent product

    Posted by Anthony Cirincione on Mar 30th 2017

    These sights provide more daylight on each side of the front sight post which facilitates faster shooting by giving the shooter a faster target reaquisition time. The fiber optic size is smaller than many other sights which is a good thing. These sights sit on more than 1 gun for me. Be sure to locktite the windage Allen screw when you're finished adjusting the windage; and absolutely locktite the threads that hold the front sight on. These tend to otherwise come loose under recoil.

  10. Incredibly fast and accurate sights

    Posted by Chris on Mar 29th 2017

    I recently purchased these sights for my competition USPSA productions/IDPA SSP Glock 34. I switched over from Dawson Precision charger rear/FO front, and MAN was it worth it. I thought Dawson's were great but these just obliterate them.

    The skinnier rear notch actually allows me to get much faster follow up shots on targets as my brain and eyes aren't trying to center a tiny front post in an extremely large rear notch. Instead, the Taran rear sight notch still allows for a good amount of light on both sides, but it's just quicker to pick up on than other sight companies.

    The FO front is really the best part though, the fiber legit is inserted at the very very tip of the sight, so that any shooter, novice to pro, can put the fiber dot on the target and fire and hit their intended target. With other sights, the fiber sits lower such as just an indicator for your eye to pick up, then you still have to center it on target and put the square edge on the bulls eye.. With Taran's sights, the fiber sits so darn close to the square edge its practically negligible to have to line up the edge, and in my experience for competition, as long as the dot is on my target, my bullet goes where I want it to. Huge advantage!

    Lastly, the skinnier rear notch is only skinny from perspective of previously using a much larger notch width, there is still plenty of room to make those precise shots at 25+ yards no problem. For instance this past weekend I had 3 targets at 50 yards and went all, down 0 seconds, using these sights. Beastly.

    All-in-all I wouldn't trade these sights for the world, the skinnier rear notch and awesome high FO of the front sight create an insanely fast and accurate set up. The construction of the sights is also super solid and unbelievably easy to install. Recommend for anyone looking to step up their game.

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