Sig Sauer P365XL Stipple Job

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When shipping a frame in for stipple work please send the package addressed, ATTN Firearm Coordinator. 98 W Cochran St Unit C. Simi Valley, CA 93065.

When sending your frame in for stipple work, please include your contact information and a copy of your invoice in with your frame. If we do not have any contact information, or there is no invoice for the firearm we will send it back to the return address the same day we receive it.

TTI Competition Grip Job:


This state of the art grip job is designed for Competition Shooting and Tactical communities as well as for Law Enforcement and Military personnel. It consists of full wrap-around texturing on a frame that has been sculpted to fit in your hand with the utmost detail providing unmatched comfort and control. The surface texture is created from the firearms polymer frame, eliminating the overly abrasive feeling of adhesive sand paper. Taran has been doing grip jobs on polymer firearms since 1996 and the process has been reinvented with newly developed tools and technique. The superior quality and attractive appearance of TTI Grips is unmatched by any other worldwide.

Pistol Package includes the following:

  • Full Wrap Stipple
  • Bronze Barrel
  • TTI laser engraved logo


  • Swampfox Optics Sentinel Micro Dot Sight

  • The next generation ultra-compact micro red dot sight optimized for every day carry on slimline pistol slides. No plastic body or polymer lens for us, only hard coated 7075 aluminum and multicoated glass. Sentinel offers very real advantages in defensive shooting situations. If EDC is your lifestyle and you are looking for every edge you can get, step up your pistol’s sighting system with the state-of-the-freakin’-art Swampfox Sentinel.