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Kickeez Cheek-EEZ Recoil Pad


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Product Description

An oval-shaped sheet of microcellular urethane that adheres to your gun comb to help eliminate recoil to the cheek.

These pads are also very useful if you need some adjustment to your line of sight. CHEEK-EEZ is not designed to be put on and taken off.

It can be removed, but should be regarded as semi-permanent.

Size 703-116 5"X6" X 1/16"

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  1. Use this on all of my Semi-Auto Shotguns

    Posted by Michael on Aug 30th 2016

    On cold goose/turkey mornings there is nothing worse than the shock of cold plastic rattling against your jawbone when shooting 3.5" magnum shells....this product has helped to reduce the shock factor and allows me to take more accurate follow-up shots when using heavy and fast magnum loads. I currently have this pad on 3 of my Benellis and love it. Adheres extremely well, wipes clean, and is removable. Love it.

  2. Cheek Pad

    Posted by geecare on Mar 9th 2016

    Pad presented thin and lightweight, almost mistaken for a decal. Great adhesion and shaping as it was applied onto the stock. No head level changes were observed upon sighting nor engaging targets. The occasional stock slapping was still experienced, although with a notable reduction of intensity.

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