Combat Master Build Diagram


JW2 VS Combat Master

  • The JW2 is an exact replica of the firearm used in the movie John Wick 2. The gunsmith work offered for both the JW2 and CM are the same. However, the Combat Master package allows you to customize each option to your liking. Whereas, the JW2 is a fixed build aside from the trigger options.
  • JW2 Build Includes The Following
    • Glock 34 Gen 3
    • Matte Black Slide
    • Bronze Barrel
    • TTI Green Fiber Optic Sight Set
    • Full Wrap Ambidextrous Stipple
    • Single Undercut
    • Keep Finger Groovers
    • Gen 3 Competition Magwell
    • Flat Black Base Pads
    • Competition Trigger

Slide Coating


  • High Polish
    • Two tone slide finish
    • Great for a show case display
    • For tactical purposes high polish is not recommended due to the reflective finish

Trigger Work



  • Carry and Competition trigger jobs do NOT replace the trigger bar or the trigger shoe. We only modify the OEM components and change out the springs.
  • Carry Trigger Job 4 – 4.5lb pull (all generations).
  • Competition Trigger Job 3 – 3.5lb pull (all generations).
  • The Timney Alpha Trigger is a drop in system that will replace the trigger bar and shoe. After installation and tuning by our gunsmiths, the trigger pull is brought down to 2 – 2.5lb.
  • Competition Trigger may have light strikes when using ammunition with harder primers.
  • Timney Trigger is great for most or all small pistol primers.