Stipple Diagram

Regular Stipple - Manipulating the existing polymer using some sort of heat.
Finger Groove Removal - Removal of finger grooves reduces the size of the grip.
Support Finger Patch - This stipple patch is included on all of our stipple packages. If the shooter is right handed, the support patch will then be on the left side, and vice versa. Ambidextrous - Stipple work will be on both sides on index point.
Accelerator Cut - Our support finger patch is a rectangle stipple pattern. However, our Accelerator cut will take place of our typical support patch stipple. Accelerator cut is a triangle pattern, to more naturally align with shooters support finger. 
​Grip Reduction - We take enough material off to improve the grip, without compromising the structural integrity of the firearm. The length remains the same, as we only change the overall circumference. Great for smaller hands.
Single - Corner area between the trigger guard and the frame is smoothed and polished out. This allows the shooters hand to easily rest in the grip. 
Double - Single undercut, as well as directly on the bottom of the trigger guard. Great for larger hands.
Scallop Cut - "Ice Cream Scoop" around the magazine release for a more seamless release. Not available for Gen 4/5 firearms due to limited space.
Carry Stipple - Regular stipple on the front, and back of the grip. The sides would remain smooth, to avoid snagging skin or fabric.
Carry Wrap - Regular stipple wrapped around on the front, back, and dominant hand side of frame. For example, if you're right handed, for a firmer grip we will apply stippling on the right side of the grip as well as the front/back. Support side will remain untouched. 
Full Wrap Stipple - Regular stipple on all sides of the frame.
Full Wrap Grand Master - Grand Master Stipple is a 2-Part Epoxy (Silicon Carbide) stipple type. This style provides a more aggressive stipple, almost like skateboard grip tape. When choosing Silicon Carbide stipple, the finger grooves will have to be removed. Grand Master stipple tends to wear down more than traditional stipple, and will need to be re-applied with repeated use. However, the result provides an incredibly reliable grip. This stipple type is Taran's personal favorite.