TTI +4 Base Pad for Beretta M9/92FS Mec-Gar 9mm Full Size Magazines

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$29.99 - $30.99

TTI +4 Base Pad for Beretta M9/92FS Mec-Gar 9mm Full Size Magazines

$29.99 - $30.99

TTI +4 Base Pad for Beretta M9/92FS Mec-Gar 9mm Full Size Magazines

$29.99 - $30.99

*The pin set screws are set with Loctite® at the specific tension we recommend, and will generally never need an adjustment. Tightening the base pad screw is not recommended and may be difficult because the screw is set with Loctite®; trying to force the set screw to turn could result in stripping the screw. We do not warranty base pads for stripped heads on set screws or pins lost in result of tampering with the set screw.

*Not for sale to California and Washington residents. A courtesy email will be sent to CA/WA residents who place an order for a base pad that has the capability of taking a magazine past ten rounds. Ultimately a refund will be issued unless the purchaser is active Law Enforcement. CA/WA civilians can only purchase base pads listed on the following link -


TTI Firepower Base Pad Kit for Beretta M9/92 FS

- Overall weight 1.1oz

- Includes TTI Beretta Extra Power Spring

- Length, 1 1/2 inch

- Patented proven push pin design.

- Easily removed with the push of a pin.

- No specialty tools or devices required to disassemble.

- One piece design, no extra parts required

- Will only work with "Mec-Gar" 18 round magazines

- Holds 22+1 rounds of 9mm

- Added weight helps the magazine drop free easily for faster reloads

- CNC Machined from billet aluminum

- Hard Anodized

- Made in the USA

The wait is over! Finally, a base pad worthy of extending capacity on an already staggering 18 round Mec-Gar magazine! This base pad will bring your overall capacity to a whopping 22 rounds! The +4 extension not only adds four more rounds to the capacity of your Mec-Gar magazine, but it also offers added weight for drop-free reliability! Our magazine extensions are as tough as nails made out of aircraft grade aluminum! 

  • TTI +4 Base Pad for Beretta M9

    Posted by Rocky on Jan 15th 2024

    Absolute Quality!! As advertised extends the mag by 4. Functions as it should. Worth the money.

  • Beretta mag extension

    Posted by Shawn on Dec 20th 2023

    I bought some for Glock mags a few months ago and was very impressed. I was browsing the TTI website and saw these for the Mec Gar 18 round Beretta mags. I have several of these so it was a no brainer. Parts fit easily onto mag bodies and are rock solid once installed. Feed and function are 100%. I highly recommend these TTI extendos

  • Awesome

    Posted by Marlin Begalke on Sep 26th 2023

    I use this on my M9 and it works flawlessly. Brings me to 22 rounds and helps it drop free better.