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Base Pad Kit for Glock .45


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Product Description

GLOCK .45 +4

*Not for sale to California residence. A courtesy Email will be sent to CA residence who place a order for a base pad that has the capability of taking a magazine past ten rounds. Ultimately a refund will be issued. CA residence can only buy +0 base pads or GLOCK 43 and GLOCK 42 base pads. The 43 and 42 base pads do not take the mag capacity past ten rounds.

The pin set screws are set with Loctite® at the specific tension we recommend, and will generally never need an adjustment. Tightening the base pad screw is not recommended and may be difficult because the screw is set with Loctite®; trying to force the set screw to turn could result in stripping the screw. We do not warranty base pads for stripped heads on set screws or pins lost in result of tampering with the set screw.

Will not function with early generation Glock mags that have u-notch cut feed lips

*Remove the metal insert at the bottom before installation*


- +10% stronger spring included.

- Overall weight 1.7oz.

- Length, 1 1/2 inch front side, 3/4 inch on back side.

- Patented proven push pin design.

- No specialty tools or devices required to disassemble.

- One piece design, no extra parts to possibly lose during disassembly.

- Fits the USPSA 140mm gauge.

- Ideal for full size magazines.

- Holds 17+1 rounds of .45ACP.

- The added weight helps the magazine drop free easier for faster reloads.

- CNC machined from billet aluminum.

- Hard Anodized.

- Made in the USA.


This Taran Tactical Innovations GLOCK base pad works on GLOCK models 21/41. This TTI base pad will add 4 extra rounds of .45 ACP to the magazine. This base pad does adds a little extra weight to the magazine which helps the empty mag drop free easier for faster reloads. This TTI GLOCK base pad, just like all of our base pads, is designed to give you the edge over your adversaries. We use our patented push pin design to lock the base pad to the magazine, which makes for easy field stripping and cleaning your magazines between stages. Just push down the pin, slide the base pad on and push the pin up to lock the base pad onto the magazine. Our one piece design is great because there are no extra parts or tools needed to attach the base pad to your magazine. The base pad itself is machined out of billet aluminum and is hard anodized to ensure durable long lasting color. All machining and manufacturing is done in the USA.

Product Reviews

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  1. Extra power spring is junk

    Posted by Rick Massey on Aug 24th 2018

    Purchsaed the base pad for my glock 21. Install was easy. Smoothed out everything inside the mag. Evertime i loaded the mag at 15 rounds the spring would get stuck causing a malfunction. Installed factory spring and it works but spring pressure is weak starting at the last 4 rounds. Do not buy for duty use. Not worth your life.

  2. Good product if tuned!

    Posted by courijo@yahoo.com on Jul 19th 2018

    I have no major problems with this product! Having said that there are issues if you don’t know how to install them properly. I initially use these as a drop on part without thinking about how they needed to be installed. My magazine jammed between seven and eight rounds which would have been a problem in the field. Once I cleaned out the base of my magazine and beveled the edges the magazines fed fine otherwise the extra power springs will hang up on the edge of the magazine base. I love Taran tactical products that some people really need instruction to use them correctly.

  3. Best +4 Ever!

    Posted by EH on Jul 14th 2018

    Perfect!, installs in seconds, flawless craftsmanship, zero failure rate in my useage, use for everyday duty carry. 1000% reliable and god forbid, a critical life saving device to keep me in the fight, and put rounds on target if the time comes to do so. I have ran out once early in my career and after that, I carry over 100 rounds now, and the TTI base pad brings me near 200. When it hits the fan with multiple threats, the more rounds the better off.

  4. Did not work well

    Posted by Unknown on Jul 8th 2018

    I returned the three green Base Pad Kits for Glock .45. The reason I returned them is because they don’t function properly.
    After assembling them to 3 separate Glock 21 OEM magazines all three magazines experienced the spring hanging up where the extension meets the magazine. Once this happened the follower failed to rise and the remainder of the ammunition became loose in the magazine body.
    I am a full time deputy sheriff in Orange County, Florida. I purchased these extensions for use on duty and can’t chance a magazine failure.

    TTI Rep: I am sorry that you are having issues with the TTI basepad. Please give us a call when you have a moment. We are confident we can get you up and running 100% of the time with a little tuning. LT 7.9.2018

  5. Follower Always Get Stuck

    Posted by Emmanuel Unaeze on Jul 7th 2018

    Bought a couple for my Glock 41 and the followers on both mags get stuck...even at 14 and 15 rounds. Took it all the way to 17 and I had to take the mag apart to release the followers. I feel cheated.

    TTI Rep: If this happens give us a call. Issue do happen but with a little tuning we can get you up and running. When you have a moment give us a call. LT 7.9.2018

  6. Great product

    Posted by Jonathan on May 22nd 2018

    Easy install. Fits the mags perfect. Mag functions flawlessy with +4 round capacity. Great for my bowling pin gun.

  7. Great looking and functional!!

    Posted by SHANE ADKINSON on May 18th 2018

    First...those Factory Base plates are a bitch!! However a quick youtube tutorial showed me the guts inside and I got it off with the the factory button piece flying and ricocheting off of 4 walls!!! Hahaha! Install was simple as heck, you DO NOT USE the factory plunger base, the spring goes right into the alloy body.
    Thanks for fast shipping and a great product!!

  8. Perfection!

    Posted by Eli Hill on May 6th 2018

    Had a minimal shipping issue, NOT any fault of TTI! But once I received, and installed the base pad, a world of difference and The craftsmanship not only is streamlined and beautiful for what it is, it’s 1000% Superior to any other options for adding rounds to you magazine. I will definitelyj be ordering more ASAP ! Any “Not Reliable for Duty” claim / Review is clearly a user error and not based in fact. TTI is tested and approved by Las Vegas Nevada’s primary Law Enforcement Agency for the Las Vegas “Metropolitan” area! Countless Officers use TTI and the LE community is small, and we all talk with each other. I have NEVER heard of any TTI malfunctions. I immediately recommend TTI for anyone who wants to add rounds with a superior product, that is estheticly pleasing and highly functional IF installed correctly, it’s not rocket science. Very glad to be rockin’ the TTI base pad for the G21, adding 4 rounds, giving me 17+1 of 45.ACP! Just need 4 more to complete my first set! Thank you TTI for the life saving product!-/

  9. Not Reliable Enough For Duty

    Posted by Andrew on May 2nd 2018

    I am a law enforcement officer and purchased this magazine for my duty pistol, a Glock 21. I followed the installation instructions perfectly and had no problems during installation. I am very disappointed to report that during qualifications, the magazine caused several failure to feed malfunctions in my Glock which has otherwise been faithful for more than 5000 rounds. It appeared that the follower kept getting stuck in the magazine frame, something that has never happened before. This magazine extension may work for competition or fun, but not when it counts most.

  10. Great Product

    Posted by Unknown on Apr 29th 2018

    Originally one star from me. I guess I was possibly sent the wrong springs. I wasn’t able to get them to work. Taran sent a new set which worked flawlessly. Make sure you cut the extra plastic out of the magazine well at the base where the metal liner ends. I used a file and then very fine grit sand paper to smooth the area out. Make sure you test the mags by unloading by hand. If they hang up you may need to smooth the area more. Or you might have the wrong springs. Ran 400 rounds from glock 21 no problems.

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