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Q: I got an email saying my package shipped but, no tracking info, why?

A: When an order is batched, a label is printed and a tracking number is automatically assigned meaning, we have the package ready to process and will be shipped after processing has completed(generally about 2-6 business days BUT can take up to 10 business days). *NOTE: This does not apply for firearms/gunsmithing packages*

Q: Is Taran Tactical Innovations open to the public?

A: No. Taran Tactical is NOT a storefront and is NOT open to the public. All ordering must be done online. 

Q: Does Taran Tactical Innovations offer any firearms training courses?

A: At this time we are not giving classes to the general public.

Q: Does Taran Tactical warranty a refinished magazine extension?

A: Unfortunately, TTI will not warranty an altered magazine extension. 

Q: Does Taran Tactical accept Visa/AmEx/Etc. gift cards?

A: Unfortunately, our website will not allow the use of gift cards. American Debit/Credit cards ONLY. 

Q: Does Taran Tactical offer a Military/LEO/First Responder discount?

A: Yes! TTI offers a 12% discount on all FUTURE orders. First, create an account on our website then, please email your credentials to info@tarantactical.com and we will let you know what to do from there.  

Q: Should I use a magazine extension on my carry weapon?

A: TTI is a Competition Firearms company. If you want to use an after-market product on a carry or duty weapon, it is wise to thoroughly test the product BEFORE using it on duty or on your person for concealed carry. 

Q: Why can I not purchase Taran Tactical Innovations, LLC base pads if I live in California?

A: California state law prohibits the sale of "conversions kits" and expressly includes base pads in this list. As of 2/6/2016 we are no longer allowed to ship magazine extensions that have the capability to take the magazine past 10 rounds to CA residence, that includes LEO's. If you are a LEO, you can send in your mags and we can put the pads on for you but we cannot sell them to you for you to put on.

Q: What is the difference between a Carry/Full Wrap Stipple & the Full Wrap Grand Master Stipple?

A: Carry/Full Wrap Stipple is the traditional stipple type(manipulating the existing polymer using some sort of heat). Grand Master Stipple is a 2-Part Epoxy(Silicon Carbide) stipple type(a more aggressive stipple, almost like skateboard griptape, used mainly by professional competition shooters). Grand Master tends to wear more than traditional stipple and will need to be re-applied more with repeated use and wear. 

Q: What magazine can I use my base pads on?

A: Each base pad is designed to work specifically with the magazine listed in the product description.  Because of variations even within the same brand, multi-platform compatibility is not guaranteed and, in many cases, cannot be designed.

Q: What does "will add a cant" mean when applied to utilizing Glock 9/40 +5/6 base pads on the Glock 19 or 23?

A: The cant is created by this base pad not following the angle of the grip as it does with the firearms it is designed to work with.  This extension when installed, for example, on a Glock 19 magazine creates two different angles inside the magazine.  This change in angle can cause spring to not compress in a straight line which may result in loss of capacity or a malfunction.  We recommend only using Taran Tactical Innovations base pads with the magazine it has been designed for.

Q: How do I install TTI base pads?

A: Remove the original base plate from the magazine as recommended by the manufacturer.  Inside the magazine you may find a plastic or metal piece or insert at the bottom of the magazine spring.  Remove this insert and do not install it with our base pads.  It will result in reduced capacity and can cause malfunctions.  When a magazine spring is provided with the base pad, reuse the original magazine follower and install it on the new springs.  Slide the follower and spring into the magazine body with the follower facing the same direction as with the original spring.  Press the base pad's retention pin down so that it protrudes only from the bottom of the base pad and is flush with surface where the base pad slides on to the magazine.  With the spring depressed fully into the magazine body, slide the base pad on to the magazine body and let the spring settle into the base pad.  Press the retention pin until it is flush with the bottom of the base pad and your magazine is ready to use.

The pin set screws are set with Loctite® at the specific tension we recommend, and will generally never need an adjustment. Tightening the basepad screw is not recommended and may be difficult because the screw is set with Loctite®; trying to force the set screw to turn could result in stripping the screw.  We do not warranty base pads for stripped heads on set screws or filed retaining pins.

Q: Can I use a Glock 43 base pad with a grip plug ?

A: The Glock 43 base pad does not work with a grip plug installed.

Q: Will the TTI Magwells work with a back strap or beaver tail attachment?

A: NO. Our magwells are not designed to work with any modifications to the grip, including a back strap or beavertail. 

Q: What is the difference between Black and Flat Black?

A: Base pads that a categorized as Flat Black are sand blasted to achieve a “flat” or “matted” look and texture before they get anodized. The regular Black base pads are anodized over billet aluminum so they have a slight sheen to them.

Q: Does Taran Tactical Innovations ship outside of the United States?

A: Unfortunately we are not set up to ship outside of the United States at this time but, we can refer you to our international distributor.  If this interests you, please contact us by email at info@tarantactical.com and we can assist you. *PLEASE NOTE: WE DO NOT SHIP/ACCEPT FIREARMS INTERNATIONALLY*

Q: Can you stipple my Glock frame even though it is not Black?

A: We will stipple non-black frames, but these are more difficult because of the consistency of the plastics.  The additional time required is reflected in the price and this is handled on a case-by-case basis at this time. Please contact us at info@tarantactical.com for more information.