Brought to you by Blem House Productions


*Blem items will not be eligible for any of our sales*

We are offering blemished base pads at a discounted rate that have minor cosmetic imperfections. All blemished base pads will have pins installed. All sales for BLEM-VENTORY will be final. Please feel free to contact us to have your preferences met for the aesthetic appearance of your chosen base pad(s). We will do our best to pick product that cosmetically meets your wishes.


Some of the defects will be as follows:

  • Engraving may be a bit askew
  • Anodizing may have a blemished finish
  • There may be scratch marks 
  • The base pad may be chipped/dented
  • The logo may be diminished
  • There may be other logos engraved on the base pad
  • EVERY blemished base pad will have a small lightning bolt lasered on it to indicate that it is from BLEM-VENTORY 
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