Glock 43 +2 Replacement Spring

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Replacement spring for use with our Glock 43+2 Magazine Extensions. 


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    Awesome Product

    Posted by Unknown on Jun 22nd 2021

    Very reliable and fits perfectly

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    Works great, easy to install!

    Posted by Unknown on Sep 10th 2020

    I got this and my other two items, FAST! And then the installation was just as fast, and seem less. They work flawlessly. Thank you

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    Salt Water Eats Everything

    Posted by Michael on Jul 20th 2020

    Short version is my 43 went swimming when I fell off the boat. Glocks don’t like salt water immersion any more than any other weapon. Magazine springs were eaten through and through within a few weeks and they cracked in the middle. Installed new mag springs and everything else on the weapon. Back to normal. Had to run the original mags and baseplates for a little while. Glad to have the Taran base plates back on the mags.

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    “Easy fit”

    Posted by Mark on May 11th 2020

    Purchase for the “Glock 43”just received quickly day’s from order date two +2 from start to finish 15 minutes. • Removal keep PLASTIC set pin post depressed during removal , slip in only to open air space small flat straight edge screwdriver into each side’s and front of cap and slide off. • Just attach ammunition shoot to new “BETTER” spring and side replacement innovative cap for a full size hand grip! Keep spring down and move forward for a very smooth reentry seat and set pin lock, very secure device!

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    glock 43 +2 magazine spring,

    Posted by GM on Aug 8th 2018

    I managed to break one of the springs while installing if somehow. Otherwise the two original magazines that I converted to +2 capacity are both working great after 150 rounds at the range.

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    Exactly as expected

    Posted by Unknown on Apr 12th 2018

    Quality spring replacement for the Glock 43 when switching to a +2 base pad.

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    Glock 43 mag exstended springs

    Posted by Mark on Feb 20th 2018

    The mag springs work great except I have a plus 2 and the springs are so tough it will only hold 7 rounds and I know it says that when you read about them on here hopefully it will break in and start holding 8 but other than that works great

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    Posted by Luis Mujica on Jan 15th 2018

    Great tension and material.

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    Great replacement springs for G43 +2 magazine extensions

    Posted by HC on Sep 20th 2017

    Had recently purchased some Glock 43 +2 magazine extensions to increase my round capacity from the stock 6 rounds to 8 rounds. Of course the OEM magazines come with smaller springs since they are intended to handle 6 rounds only. When I used the stock springs with my +2 mag extension it resulted in a failure to feed about 50%of the time, which I guess is no surprise since the spring was made for 6 rounds, and thus it didn't have enough compression or length to push the last round up high enough in the magazine for it to feed correctly. After buying these Taran Tactical +2 springs however, everything is golden again! I test fired 100 rounds with the +2 magazine extensions and these +2 springs without one hiccup.