Glock Full Size +5/6 and XD(M) +3/4 Replacement Spring

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140mm Replacement spring for use with our +5/6 Full Size Glock Extensions, and XD(M) +3/4 Magazine Extensions. 


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    +4/5 glock 19 spring

    Posted by phil on Feb 20th 2021

    east to order, easy to install, works great

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    Replaced my old G17 mag springs.

    Posted by Jay on Aug 19th 2020

    When I bought the Taran +6 baseplates for my G17 a few years ago, they were fine at first but over time I noticed spring weakening. The rounds became easier and easier to load and these mags wouldn’t always achieve slide-lock upon firing the last round (I’d estimate this occurred about 3 out of 10 reloads). When I received these new springs, I could tell right away that they were MUCH stronger. The rounds were much harder to load and when I tested them out on the range I had no slide-lock issues whatsoever. I’m very pleased to be able to fully trust my +6 baseplates once again.

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    Good strong spring for +5/6

    Posted by Mince on Mar 7th 2020

    These are different than the original springs. I hope they last longer than the original ones as they only lasted 1.5 years. Otherwise, these would get 5 star.

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    Posted by margaret endy on Nov 26th 2019

    I can't honestly leave a review since they are a christmas present for my son (they were on his wish list)

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    Gen5 issues

    Posted by Stottle on Nov 11th 2019

    The spring is solid but it does not fit the Gen5 follower without being modified slightly. Needs to be squeezed together and twisted ever so slightly. It’s wider and longer at the top compared to Gen5 OEM spring.

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    Spring review

    Posted by Matt on Aug 20th 2019

    Very strong, works great!

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    The real thing

    Posted by Luis Caliz Pina on Jul 31st 2019

    This is the real thing. I can feel the diference inmediatly. I recomende this product.

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    Solid! Perfect fit

    Posted by bradley on Jul 30th 2018

    Tried a cheap china knock off spring first and had a few jams during competition and decided to try and change the spring and noticed the old ones were deformed after short use. TT springs came in and fit perfectly and seem way more solid and have had no issues

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    Good spring could be better

    Posted by M Esc on May 6th 2018

    I’ve had TTI +5/+6 extensions on all my G34 magazines for quite some time. I put 21rds each because mine are kept always fully loaded and its impossible to get 23 in there with good function. I Identified a bad mag last week turns out the spring was pretty much done. I’ve received 18 or so months of service on a loaded mag (A couple went prematurely but, TTI replaces for free) I’m replacing once a year from here on out just to be safe.