TTI Extra Power Extended Length Spring for M&P +5/6 And PPQ +5/6

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Replacement spring for high-capacity magazines with TTI Firepower Base Pads for M&P.

Designed exclusively to work with TTI base pads. Each coil compresses and stacks into the neighboring coil to provide the highest capacity available in your magazines.

-140 mm spring

*Also compatible with PPQ +5/6 Magazine Extensions.


  • 5
    Good spring

    Posted by Samir Dukes on Jul 25th 2021

    The spring is durable and the spring tension is great

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    Good spring

    Posted by Thomas A Klar on Jul 11th 2020

    So far so good, has maintained acceptable spring tension on the S&W M&P 17 rd factory mag with 6 rd. Extension. I kept it fully loaded for a week so far and all is well. I will update if spring fails prematurely. Should last at least 2-3 years if I leave it loaded with up to 21 of its 23 capacity. TTI Rep: We do not recommend leaving your magazines fully loaded for extended amounts of time when not in use. If you take any spring or piece of metal and fold it in half it will spring back but not to its original state. Now you go and bend the piece of metal and leave pressure on it for a long period of time that metal will not go back to its original state. We know that the springs have a better memory then a piece of metal but in time and with added pressure the results will be the same. On all my carry guns, if I keep them loaded 24/7, I rotate out the magazines and give others time to rest. I recommend everyone check their carry magazines regularly and not sure trust it to work 2-3 years down the road when they have not been properly maintained over the years. I have been using the same TTI magazine springs in my 43+2 for 2.5-3 years but I shoot the firearm regularly and rotate out my carry magazines to give the springs a break. With the proper care they will last for years. But just leaving them loaded and forgetting about them for 2-3 years I would have my concerns. Unloaded magazines springs will last forever as long as they are not stored in a humid environment. LT

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    Great springs

    Posted by Jesus L. on Jun 16th 2020

    Great springs. The springs loaded easily. They bound in the beginning but after forcing the 18th round and heard a snap the extra 6 rounds loaded with no problem. Great product.

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    Great Product

    Posted by D. C. on Jun 11th 2020

    Must have if you buy the 5+6 base pad.

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    PPQ SF

    Posted by william powell on Apr 20th 2020

    With the extended baseplates my slide was NOT locking back with the last round. I tried many things including heavier ammo. Someone suggested to get a stronger follower spring. TT had these and i bought 3. Now my slide locks back with any ammo.

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    Works like it should.

    Posted by Cody J on Mar 26th 2020

    Ordered these to fix my failures to feed with older Canik tp9sfx magazines and they work great.

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    Love these

    Posted by Tyler Huff on Jan 10th 2020

    These springs are the best damn springs money can buy. Idk what the hardness or material is but TTI hit the nail on the head. The out last any other spring I've ever used. Sig, hk, grams, etc. They work extremely well in 140mm mag bodies. I have 2 that I ordered well over a year ago and the still lock the slide back even after 10's of thousands of rounds being loaded into the mag. These springs will also work very well in your factory mags too! I always buy these when they are on sale every year because who doesn't like to save a little money, and I keep my own stock but if I had to pay full price, I won't be disappointed!

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    Slide locks back. Finally!

    Posted by [email protected] on Oct 14th 2019

    After trying two other spring companies, my slide finally locks back when I empty my magazine. Great springs for building a speed gun.

  • 4
    M&P springs

    Posted by Ryan on Jul 15th 2019

    These are the best springs I’ve found for 140mm M&P magazines