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TTI X Icarus 2011 Grip

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TTI X Icarus 2011 Grip


In partnership with Icarus Precision, we're proud to introduce the ultimate upgrade for your 2011: The TTI/Icaurus 2011 Grip. Engineered to seamlessly fit our acclaimed Viper line, the design will mate with and a range of other double-stack frames (including Nighthawk, Staccato, Prodigy), with little to no adjustment required. Crafted from 7075 Billet Aluminum, the TTI/Icarus Grip offers unrivaled durability, surpassing the limitations of traditional polymer grips.

Extensive refinement of the grip texture has resulted in an optimal balance, catering to the needs of competitive shooters, concealed carry, and casual range-goers alike. Its design ensures a secure hold without snagging on clothing during draws, providing consistent grip and performance in every scenario.

Setting it apart from competing metal grips, ours prioritizes swift and reliable magazine changes--even in less-than-ideal conditions. Countless hours of meticulous development guarantee flawless functionality, effortlessly guiding magazines into place, even during hurried reloads.


**NOTE** As with any metal grip, some minor fitting may be required for your particular frame



  • Billet 7075 Aluminum
  • 2011 pattern (TTI Viper line, Staccato, SVI, Nighthawk, Prodigy, etc) frames
  • Designed to work with our Carry and Classic Magwells
  • Anodized black
  • TTI grip texture
  • TTI logo on both sides
  • 3.6 oz.
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