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Carry Magwell for Glock 19/23


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Product Description

**Will only work on the Glock 19 and 23!

**Will not fit properly on stippled firearms. The magwell will not seat properly if the firearm is stippled all the way to the bottom of the grip.

** Will not work on Poly 80 frames.

Lightning Aluminium Magazine Well for Glock,

Taran Tactical Innovations Carry Magazine Well for Gen 3/4 Glock 19/23 provides the ultimate in reloading performance for your Glock pistol. CNC'd from high quality billet aluminium right here in America, our one-piece set screw design offers premium performance without the irritation of a two piece design. Forward ergonomic relief cuts provide comfort, while a aggressive funnel increases the speed and success of quick reloads. .7 ounces of high quality Aluminum provides much needed weight for balance to your limited Glock.
- CCP legal (compact carry division)!!
- Aluminium .7oz of high quality craftsmanship to provide weight and help improve your reloads.
- One piece design removes the hassle of losing parts.
- Set screw increases the comfort of retention (Extra-Long Extended Point Set Screw, Alloy Steel, 10-32 Thread, 3/8" Long).
- Massive funnel increases the accuracy of reloads.
- Underside cuts allow for retention and functionality with all current basepad extensions.
- Includes an Inch Hex L-Key Standard, 3/32" Hex, 2" Long.

** May require slight fitting on stippled Glocks. **

** Will not fit .45 caliber Glocks.**

Product Reviews

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  1. If you run out of ammo you can use the magwell to beat off attackers.

    Posted by Darin King on Jan 23rd 2018

    Fit is right and not going anywhere. Made the 19 frame fit my hand like a glove giving that pinky a secure place to ride and grip. Would recommend !

  2. Like a glove

    Posted by John G on Jan 15th 2018

    Fits perfectly on my G19 GEN4, gives that little ledge for the pinkie finger and makes reloads a fraction faster. I also really like the way it tightens up your grip by pushing a your hand up
    just slightly. I highly recommend getting one if you are on the fence.

  3. Top quality as expected from TTI!

    Posted by Eric S. on Jan 6th 2018

    Bought for my G19, this is my first magwell and honestly, this should be on the list of must haves for anyone buying a G19 after sights and more ammo. Fit is superb, finish is top quality, installation is a breeze and it changes the feel of the entire grip in the most positive way. This isn't even taking into account the improvement in mag changes! Buy with confidence!

  4. It just works.

    Posted by JG on Dec 28th 2017

    I purchased this product to speed up mag changes on my Glock 19. It does exactly that. The install was simple and straight forward. The build quality is excellent and I especially like that it is a one piece unit with a single screw. It is relatively low profile and does not extensively alter the geometry of the grip. Initially worried about the price point but after getting my hands on it i have determined that it is worth it and would purchase again. Thanks TTI for your attention to detail.

  5. Taran tactical 19 Magwell breakdown.

    Posted by Chad Pine on Dec 26th 2017

    After many months of trying to decide on what magwell to order and use on my G19/4 I was in the process of stippling my frame and had to stop to pickup my son and I put the dog in his cage and left the house, came home .... dog was out and chewed the frame for my pistol. So after repairing the handgrip I was missing some plastic so I started looking to find a well that might cover the end high enough to hide the missing plastic. I checked out the Taran T site and found the well for the gen4 19 from the pictures it looked like just what I needed so placed the order. I had to grind he lower frame due to the stippling that I had done and after a little fitting it was on quite simply. The finish was great , I ordered the gray color for myself. It is machined from aluminum and very nice. Easy to install. One thing that is an area of concern is the inside rim from the machining is quite sharp as I found out buy wiping some debris from the mag area and slit the side of my finger open so I would recommend smoothing the area out. I will still have to get a new frame for my pistol because the front part of the frame where the lower protrusion sticks out was chewed off too much to keep the Magwell in place and it slips off. Bummer. Well at least this was my pistol and not a customers that I was working on. So other than that , great product and accessory for the Gen4/19 and adds that extra look and feature to the pistol.
    Chad Pine / Piney’s Hardware

  6. Carries well

    Posted by Rhett J Meyers on Dec 25th 2017

    I bought this magwell for my EDCpistol. Very easy to install. While this helps greatly with mag changes, I don’t know it is on the pistol.

  7. Fits very well

    Posted by Felix Ortiz Sanchez on Dec 23rd 2017

    Fits well on the gun and improve my grip. The only thing that doesn't work for me is to strip the magazine if I have a double feed. I don't have enough space to grab the magazine and pull it out.

  8. A Very Happy Shooter

    Posted by Stephen McLaughlin on Dec 20th 2017

    I ordered this mag well for a friend, because he doesn't have access to the Internet. I installed it for him in just a few minutes, because it fits perfectly, and there is only one way to do it. Anyhow, I presented it to him at the range the following day. He liked the look, feel, and the easy mag loading. The real clincher was when we finished our drills, which requires 100 rounds; his shot placement was vastly improved. He was quite happy, and I'm ordering mine this payday. I was originally concerned about the price for a small aluminum piece, but I see no way this thing can possibly wear out, and your grip on the weapon is a great improvement. You really feel firmly connected to the pistol.

  9. Fits like it came from the factory

    Posted by Unknown on Dec 14th 2017

    Running a Glock with smaller hands the G19 is just enough grip, i wanted a little more piece of mind going from full-size grips, especially since i wanted to shoot USPSA with my G19. I purchased the mag well and plus 5 extensions and i couldn't be happier everything fit like it came factory. i carry the extended base plate in my Trex Sidecar with a standard loaded, ill be back for more. thanks, Taran and team!

  10. I was skeptical to use this for my carry gun

    Posted by Unknown on Nov 28th 2017

    There hasn’t been as many reviews for this magwell as others online such as the Agency, SAI, or Zev carrymagwell. I was worried about not being able pry a jammed magazine out due to not enough of it sticking for a good grip, I shouldn’t have been worried. I had a jam running cheap ammo through a magpul g19 magazine and I could rip it right out without any problems.

    This magwell improves my grip on a Gen4 G19 tremendously. I shoot my G19 just as fast and accurate as my beloved G34 now due to the awesome grip I am able to establish and really control the gun.

    I love this magwell. Thank you Taran and the rest of your team.

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