Connector for Glock 43/42

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Material: SAE 1075 Spring Steel heat treated to 50 Rc, Electroless Nickel plate per MIL-C-26074E (military standard) and baked to remove embrittlement.

Connector will be compatible with Glock 43X, and Glock 48 firearms. 

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to


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    More refined than the OEM connector and super smooth trigger pull

    Posted by Vincent on Apr 13th 2021

    The TTI connector for my 43x is an excellent product. When comparing it side-by-side with the OEM connector you can see that there is much more care in producing a finished product. The geometry is very similar to the OEM connector and has a similar feel, but smoother. The 43x/48's claim to fame is the clean crisp break. The TTI connector retains this. But where it differs is that the OEM connector feels like it has the renowned "wall" where the TTI connector feels more like a "speed bump". Unlike other connectors that make the trigger pull feel mushy or squishy or have what a "rolling break", the TTI connector is more clean and has a more predictable break. I think it can satisfy the shooter that needs more tactile definition of where the break will occur and those that want to continue to pull smoothing through the stroke without the interruption of having to add more force at a harder wall. With this connector, a 4.5 pound striker spring and a Johnny Glock flat face shoe the trigger pull is about 3.5 pounds. I would suspect some shooters would want to go back to a heavier striker spring because the smoothness is so good that a lighter spring may be deemed unnecessary.

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    great product

    Posted by peter on Apr 5th 2021

    works perfect. smooth action and fit and finish is excellent

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    Posted by Bryan on Feb 12th 2021

    Smooth crisp pull but heavier than factory minus connector

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    Crisp break

    Posted by Bryan mason on Jan 29th 2021

    Trigger pull weight is same a factory just a crisper pull only drawback is it seems the reset isnt as tactile

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    Best Connector

    Posted by Unknown on Jul 31st 2020

    Taran Tactical makes the best after market parts for Glocks Hands Down

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    Nice crisp pull

    Posted by Tim on May 7th 2019

    Didn’t change any springs, just put in the connector. Pull weight was roughly the same around 6lbs. Definitely gives the trigger a nice wall and a crisp break. I will definitely try some springs too but it’s not needed.

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    Not much difference in the 43x

    Posted by Leonard on Feb 12th 2019

    The factory trigger was very hard maybe 8 lbs. Installed the connector which didn't make much of a difference. Removed the connector and reinstalled it still did not feel very good. Installed it in my 43 and made a huge difference very smooth and much lighter. Installed a double diamond in the 43x, made a better feeling trigger but still not satisfied with it. Hoping it get a little better with use.

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    Works in G48

    Posted by Unknown on Feb 6th 2019

    Installed in the new G48. Factory trigger was over 7 pounds. TTI disconnectior and 4.5 striker spring makes it a consistent 4.3 pounds with no soft strike issues. A no brainer trigger upgrade for the price

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    Great Product!

    Posted by Unknown on Mar 15th 2018

    As others have stated, the connector makes a big improvement in the feel of the trigger. It did not significantly reduce the trigger pull but improves the trigger's overall performance. I have already ordered the connector for my Gen 4 Glock 19. Highly recommend this product!