TTI Grandmaster PCC Buffer

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We worked with KynSHOT to bring to market the ultimate AR-9 buffer kit for competition use. Most recently used in our TR-9 to win the USPSA PCC 2Gun Nationals by our TTI Pro Team Shooter, Zack Smith. If you’re loading your competition ammunition to 140pf (Power-Factor) or below, then this is what you’ve been chasing after. Our Hydro Buffer used in conjunction with Sprinco “Orange” extra power spring in an A5 length buffer tube provides longer length and more weight than standard 9mm buffers, which shortens the stroke of the bolt by .5”—This translates to virtually no bolt bounce which translates to less dot movement.

  • Reduce felt recoil
  • Improved reliability
  • Reduce shock and vibration to optics
  • Suppress bolt bounce
  • Smoother operation
  • Faster shot recovery time
  • High strength 17-4 Stainless Steel construction (Of the Hydro Buffer)

**Recommended for ammunition loaded below 140 power factor (bullet weight X velocity ÷ 1000). The dampening rate of this Hydro buffer is optimized for competition ammunition, but will also work with "spicy" factory ammunition**