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The Taran Tactical take on the 9mm AR-15. We made the most reliable, fastest, and flattest shooting “AR-9” on the planet.

Uses Glock magazines for availability and reliability. Our QPQ Nitride barrels feature an internally ramped barrel to feed a wide range of bullet shapes and weights. The barrel is also monolithic with 13” of effective rifling and 3” of muzzle brake machined from a single piece—making it legal at 16” overall length with no wasted space. This allows for tighter tolerances on the muzzle brake than a traditional threaded on device, which translates to better performance.  Another benefit is that the front end of the gun is exceptionally lightweight for fast gun handling. The base of the muzzle brake is externally threaded for 13/16”-16 TPI so it can accept blast shields or oil filters for cleaning. Lightweight aluminum thread protector included

Magazines are not included with the Firearm!!!

*California residents will receive this build with a fin grip and pinned stock*

The geometry of the lower receiver places the magazine closer to the chamber than other designs and at a more ideal angle for feeding.

The handguard is a custom featherweight carbon fiber design made by Smoke Composites. With M-LOK slots at 3, 6, 9, and 12 O'clock positions for mounting accessories. It provides extreme rigidity while keeping the gun perfectly balanced. It also free floats the barrel for extra accuracy and prevention of barrel flex while shooting off barricades.

We went with direct blowback operation for ultimate reliability. Our proprietary short stroke bolt and Kynshot hydraulic buffer soften the recoil far beyond traditional blowback guns. Also includes a robust last round bolt lock feature.

The standard trigger on all TR-9’s is a crisp Hiperfire "Hipertouch" Eclipse coming in at 2.5lbs with an incredibly short reset. For making precision shots, or putting multiple rounds on target fast, it’s the best out there.

The safety is a Battle Arms Development ambidextrous short throw for quick and effortless manipulations.

Charging handle is a Radian Raptor allowing for quick racking from either the left or right side.

Billet aluminum flared magazine well for lightning fast reloads.

Standard furniture is a rubberized Magpul K2+ grip and BCM Mod 0 stock.

*We offer two options for buffers - both are the same price and neither is necessarily better than the other*

-Based on shooter preference and ammunition selection.

-Both will function 100% with an extremely wide range of ammunition.  

  • Standard” is the best choice for the vast majority of usage. Essentially it feels great with all ammo. It is a heavier dampened buffer with higher reciprocating mass. It will function 100% with low powered ammunition, but also still feels very soft with higher pressure loadings such as +P and NATO. The buffer system allows for a lighter recoil spring which makes the gun effortless to rack. This is Taran’s preferred option.

  • LPF” (Low Power Factor) is a specialty setup optimized for lighter powered ammunition below 140 Power Factor (Bullet weight X Velocity / 1000). It provides a faster cycle time that some competition shooters prefer. Although it will safely and reliably function with all 9mm ammo, we find the recoil impulse to be harsher than the “Standard” with factory loadings and hotter ammunition. This is the preferred option of some of our Pro Team shooters when partnered with the correct ammunition.


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    Posted by Jordan on Apr 13th 2022

    Firearm looks amazing and I bet shoots even better. Will there ever be a similar firearm at a more affordable price, it’s been my dream to own one of your pieces ?