TTI Benelli M2 Ultimate Charging Handle

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TTI Benelli M2 Ultimate Charging Handle


TTI Benelli M2 Ultimate Charging Handle


The product weighs 1oz, and is designed to work with 12 gauge shotguns. Our M2 charging handle looks identical to the one provided in the SBE, and should be co-compatible.

The TTI Ultimate Charging Handle was designed by Taran Butler to be the perfect size and feel. Unique knurling and front serrations, to function during high-speed 3-Gun and Tactical operations.

Machined from billet stainless steel, and coated with Ion Bond in their Slate Gray finish.

Virtually indestructible. The TTI Ultimate Charging Handle has already proven itself by winning all major divisions at the 3-Gun Nationals in 2013, as well as the 3-Gun Nation Championship.

Used and trusted by the best 3-Gunners on Earth:

Keith Garcia
Nils Jonasson
Jesse Duff
Katie Harris
Clint Upchurch
Rob Romero
Jansen Jones
Randi Rogers
Kurt Miller

Todd Jarrett
Chuck Anderson
Burton Thompson
Chris Sechiatano
Tori Nonaka
Allie Barrett
Blake Miguez
The Taranator

  • Charging Handel

    Posted by John on Jan 3rd 2023

    Easy install and smooth operation.

  • Charging Handle

    Posted by Bob on Dec 21st 2022

    Works perfectly on my Benelli SBE1.

  • Benelli m2 oversized charging handle

    Posted by Austin on Jul 8th 2022

    Great product. Love the designed cuts on it. Really helps you get on it and pull back the bolt without having worry about you hand slipping off of it